Save Money

 Tired of high expenses. We are going to lower it down!

Medical supplies, IT equipment/support and specialized personal.

Keep lower cost is a must in the medical practices nowadays. Since medical insurances are lowering medical allowances, lowering cost is an essential step in the way of success.

OnePoint gives you more than the competitors in every single aspect and also at lesser prices. IT services are 20% less as average than competitors. Also OnePoint offers more services for the same price! One important characteristic of IT  services are the variety of its plans. All plans all thinking in your necessities and budget. You could chose an introductory plan and then change to other plan or add more services for a minimum cost.

Management services are provide and design at lower cost. OnePoint uses different strategies to optimize your support cost such as call volume. Also OnePoint provide you with staffing services, that guaranty excellence in service through excellence in hiring process.

One important aspect is that OnePoint brings you accounting and taxes services not only at lower prices but also with a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who's been certified as IRS partners.